Chipping Sodbury Golf Club


OPEN: Sodbury Open (Men's Medal)

Saturday 29th July 2017, White Tees, Chipping Sodbury

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ResultsNett [click for Gross]CSS 74 (Visitors 74)
1st Tyrone Matthews(12) 65
2nd Billy Tierney(8) 68
3rd Timothy Jenkins(23) 68
4th Craig Mayoh(5) 68
5th Tim Morgan(12)  Kendleshire Golf Club (The)69
6th Craig Jefferies(7) 70
7th James Parker(12) 70
8th Tom Watson(5) 70
9th Robert Campbell(5) 71
10th Aaron Cole(12)  Kendleshire Golf Club (The)71
11th James Hodder(4) 71
12th Dayson Pearce(5)  Kendleshire Golf Club (The)71
13th Peter Apps(19) 71
14th Matt Weeks(10) 71
15th Malcolm West(5) 72
16th David Iles(6)  Naunton Downs Golf Club72
17th Andrew Harris(4) 72
18th Mitchell O'Brien(17) 72
19th Antony Beevor(10) 72
20th Adam Blue(3) 73
21st Gregor Bates(9)  Kendleshire Golf Club (The)73
22nd Anthony Davis(18) 73
23rd David Jefferies(12) 73
24th Paul Caldecoat(12) 73
25th Ronald Gibson(17) 73
26th Andrew Pike(12) 74
27th Simon Anning(16) 74
28th Thomas Finney(5)  Wrag Barn Golf & Country Club74
29th Mark Oldham(17) 74
30th Alan Fussell(16)  Mendip Golf Club75
31st Mark Butcher(13) 75
32nd Mark Peacey(14)  Naunton Downs Golf Club75
33rd Alan Bailey(14) 75
34th Ian Lowe(10) 75
35th Simon O'Brien(8) 75
36th Rob Jones(24) 75
37th Tog Saunders(9)  Kendleshire Golf Club (The)75
38th Jonathan James(4)  Wrag Barn Golf & Country Club75
39th Ian Fairclough(10)  Mendip Golf Club75
40th Seth Kumordzie(14) 75
41st Paul Hotchkiss(4) 75
42nd Evan Bett(6)  Studley Wood Golf Club75
43rd John Cumming(10) 76
44th Darryl Jones(4) 76
45th Tim Harding(24) 76
46th Graham Potter(9) 76
47th James Ford(6) 76
48th Graham Bridgeman(8)  Filton Golf Club76
49th Colin Dyer(15)  Kendleshire Golf Club (The)76
50th Trevor Stewart(8) 76
51st Peter Blue(15) 76
52nd Robert Morgan(5)  Kendleshire Golf Club (The)76
53rd Paul James(4) 76
54th Paul Denton(17) 76
55th Anthony Pane(11) 76
56th Peter Hayden(14) 76
57th Andrew Price(13) 77
58th Alfie Waller(11) 77
59th Ian Hughes(11) 77
60th Paul Plummer(23) 77
61st Ian Anthony Woodruff(15) 77
62nd Paul Riddell(19) 77
63rd Frank Sneddon(13) 77
64th Derek Plummer(12) 77
65th Ronan Bermingham-McDonogh(8)  Kendleshire Golf Club (The)77
66th Phil Stephens(20) 77
67th Steven Woodruff(14) 78
68th Chris Jones(8)  Lilley Brook Golf Club78
69th Chris Alway(15)  Kendleshire Golf Club (The)78
70th Leslie Winterson(22) 78
71st Gary Hewlett(22) 78
72nd Jonathan Cushley(10) 79
73rd Mark Ace(7) 79
74th Paul Mason(7) 79
75th Andrew Pick(13)  Kendleshire Golf Club (The)79
76th Hanif Bhula(14)  Rodway Hill Golf Club79
77th Simeon Baker(6) 79
78th Tom Lowe(8) 79
79th Adam Murrin(14) 79
80th Derek Rosser(9) 79
81st Don Hawkes(20) 79
82nd Laurence Pebworth(18) 79
83rd Simon Woollaston(11)  Enville Golf Club80
84th Ian Stolworthy(25)  Mendip Golf Club80
85th Steve Hotchkiss(13)  Filton Golf Club80
86th Peter Iles(15)  The Players Club80
87th Gregory Clare(10) 80
88th Nicholas Malvern(3)  Lilley Brook Golf Club80
89th Roger Blessitt(20) 80
90th Christopher Brain(12) 80
91st Kevin Ogborn(7)  Kendleshire Golf Club (The)80
92nd Mark Hatherell(19) 80
93rd Matthew Cushley(16) 81
94th Michael Humphries(12) 81
95th Samuel Riddell(0) 81
96th Mark Serle(18) 81
97th Phil Ashpole(25) 81
98th Mike Cole(23)  Henbury Golf Club81
99th Oliver Christie(5)  Lilley Brook Golf Club81
100th Stuart Lawson(19) 81
101st Michael Darby(9) 81
102nd Ashley Hawkins(12) 82
103rd Neil Banbury(12)  Stockwood Vale Golf Club82
104th Martin Collins(17)  The Players Club82
105th Adam Plummer(6) 82
106th Neil Lowrie(12) 82
107th Tom Melling(6) 82
108th William Cawte(15) 82
109th Mark Hawkins(14) 83
110th David Chapell(9)  Wrag Barn Golf & Country Club83
111th Mark Buxton(9)  Saltford Golf Club83
112th Paul Watson(8)  Enville Golf Club84
113th Stephen Long(16)  Kendleshire Golf Club (The)84
114th Ian Waller(12) 84
115th James Millar(13)  Kendleshire Golf Club (The)84
116th Jeffrey Cox(16) 84
117th Michael Goodchild(14) 85
118th Clive Reynolds(14) 85
119th Don Glover(7)  The Players Club85
120th Trevor Netto(26)  Filton Golf Club85
121st Stuart Wright(17)  The Players Club86
122nd Richard Evill(11)  Stockwood Vale Golf Club86
123rd Stephen J Taylor(10) 86
124th Kevin Spring(12) 86
125th John Heard(14)  Stockwood Vale Golf Club86
126th Stephen Hudson(26) 87
127th Dave Budd(15)  Stockwood Vale Golf Club87
128th David Haskins(18) 87
129th Paul Regan(12)  Kendleshire Golf Club (The)87
130th Harry Waller(13) 91
131st Anthony Luxton(28) 95
132nd Ben Smith(18) 105
133rd Mike Stradling(6)  Naunton Downs Golf ClubNR
134th Philip Morris(11) NR
135th John Woodburn(11) NR
136th Gary Caldecoat(22) NR
137th David Stowell(22) DQCard not signed
138th Jeremy Pilgrim(20) DQCard not signed
139th David Winton(7)  Saltford Golf ClubDQno card returned

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