Chipping Sodbury Golf Club


OPEN: Seniors Open (Individual)

Wednesday 13th June 2018, Green Tees, Chipping Sodbury

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Results PointsCSS 71 (Visitors 72)
1st Geoff Laney(13) Marlborough Golf Club42
2nd Paul Gosling(10)41
3rd John Cumming(8)40
4th Peter Foote(10) Orchardleigh Golf Club40
5th Jez Longdon(18) Filton Golf Club39
6th M Wilson(14) Newport (Gwent) Golf Club39
7th Douglas Fletcher(10) China Fleet Golf Club39
8th John Brown(22) Peterstone Lakes Golf Club39
9th G Fisher(11) Isle of Wedmore Golf Club38
10th Len Cooke(20) Henbury Golf Club38
11th P Monk(14) North Wilts Golf Club38
12th Neil Patch(6) Minchinhampton Golf Club38
13th Nick Chapman(9) Marlborough Golf Club38
14th M Brealey(12) Cotswold Edge Golf Club38
15th David A W Green(19) Worlebury Golf Club38
16th Wilfred King(19)38
17th Peter Rosser(13) Filton Golf Club38
18th Geoffrey Hull(15)38
19th Dave Busby(28)37
20th Nigel Perris(13)37
21st Andrew Blunsden(12)37
22nd Graham Hoult(8) Southfield Golf Club (Oxford City)37
23rd Robert Knapman(9) Teignmouth Golf Club36
24th George Eland(28)36
25th Paul Chandler(8)36
26th A J Hinder(11) North Wilts Golf Club36
27th Christopher Brain(13)36
28th Mike Varndell(17) North Wilts Golf Club36
29th Bryan Haylett(18) Orchardleigh Golf Club35
30th Steve Edwards(11)35
31st James G Edwards(22) Minchinhampton Golf Club35
32nd L W Sadler(15) Newport (Gwent) Golf Club35
33rd Ernie W Kee(16) Chippenham Golf Club35
34th David Newboult(26)35
35th James Loxley(12) Tewkesbury Park Hotel Golf and Country Club34
36th Paul A Lye(19) Chippenham Golf Club34
37th Peter Ball(23)34
38th Robin Stephens(17)34
39th Quintin Payne-Cook(8) Downes Crediton Golf Club34
40th Peter Ponter(26)34
41st Rick Wright(9) Orchardleigh Golf Club34
42nd D R Morgan(14) Marlborough Golf Club34
43rd John Pratt(15)33
44th Peter K Bowe(19) Filton Golf Club33
45th Barry Reece(23)33
46th dave pope(15) Enmore Park Golf Club33
47th P White(14) Newport (Gwent) Golf Club33
48th Dave Powell(12) Raglan Parc Golf Club33
49th Peter Davis(10) North Wilts Golf Club33
50th John Irvine(13) Newport (Gwent) Golf Club33
51st R Burley(10) North Wilts Golf Club33
52nd Seth Kumordzie(14)33
53rd Neil Jordan(31)33
54th Pat Leightley(14) Filton Golf Club33
55th John D Laidlaw(12) Minchinhampton Golf Club33
56th David Pike(15)33
57th Richard Lane(18) Burnham & Berrow Golf Club33
58th mark garrett(18) The Players Club32
59th Kevin Rivers(6) Bristol Golf Club (The)32
60th John Dinsdale(9) Newport (Gwent) Golf Club32
61st Michael Austin(12) Kendleshire Golf Club (The)32
62nd Paul Lowrie(12) Lansdown Golf Club32
63rd Jonathan Hartnoll(7) Thornbury Golf Centre32
64th Stephen Jackson(17) Lansdown Golf Club32
65th M J Hughes(21) Newport (Gwent) Golf Club32
66th David Jones (8) The Players Club32
67th Mike Doust(18)32
68th Simon Barnes(15) Tewkesbury Park Hotel Golf and Country Club31
69th Laurence St Croix(15) Kingsdown Golf Club31
70th Clive Reynolds(14)31
71st James Calleja(17)31
72nd Stephen Coller(16) Clevedon Golf Club31
73rd Rod Wesson(19) Kendleshire Golf Club (The)31
74th Colin Olds(28)31
75th James Stent(8) Kingsdown Golf Club31
76th K W Hand(10) North Wilts Golf Club31
77th Anthony Pane(12)31
78th Philip Morris(11)31
79th Bernard Sims(20) Saltford Golf Club31
80th john woodhouse(9) North Wilts Golf Club31
81st Joseph Mclean(9)30
82nd Christopher Taylor(13) Wrag Barn Golf & Country Club30
83rd Terry Gradidge(21)30
84th Michael Pound(21) Kendleshire Golf Club (The)30
85th Roger Edwards(28)30
86th Don Glover(7) The Players Club30
87th P J Spencer(17) Woodlake Park Golf Club30
88th Vic Baldwin(12) Raglan Parc Golf Club30
89th Percy Soper(16) Filton Golf Club30
90th Jim Simpkins(17)30
91st Stuart McLeod(14) Kingsdown Golf Club30
92nd Alan M Jones(21) Broome Manor Golf Club30
93rd David Mead(28)30
94th Peter Range(20)29
95th Raymond Broome(14) Henbury Golf Club29
96th David Butler(18) Whitley Golf Club29
97th Stephen Homes(15) Worcestershire Golf Club29
98th Alistair Johnston(4) Long Ashton Golf Club29
99th Steven Lawrence(11) Orchardleigh Golf Club29
100th G Hotchkiss(9) Newport (Gwent) Golf Club29
101st Eric Turner(22)29
102nd Brian Mitchard(11) Wells Golf Club29
103rd Robert Thompson(16)29
104th Roger Garrett(21)29
105th J Sexton(29) Kendleshire Golf Club (The)29
106th Neil Lowrie(12)29
107th chris reeves(15) North Wilts Golf Club28
108th Ron Barker(18) Minchinhampton Golf Club28
109th Eric Potter(20) Raglan Parc Golf Club28
110th David Lucas(7) Thornbury Golf Centre28
111th Anthony Davis(18)28
112th R S Crocker(13) North Wilts Golf Club28
113th David Kneller(20) Kendleshire Golf Club (The)28
114th George White(23) Chippenham Golf Club28
115th John E Smith(24)28
116th Steve J Tucker(12) Filton Golf Club28
117th Trevor Stewart(9)27
118th Andy Heron(16) Naunton Downs Golf Club27
119th David Jefferies(13)27
120th David Sims(20) Downes Crediton Golf Club27
121st Joseph Hastings(13) Kendleshire Golf Club (The)27
122nd Peter Griggs(24)26
123rd John Clarke(5) Kendleshire Golf Club (The)26
124th Peter Horlock(11) Clevedon Golf Club26
125th Derek Bayliss(15) Minchinhampton Golf Club25
126th James Staniforth(13)25
127th John Hindson(17) Newport (Gwent) Golf Club25
128th G Chapell(19) Chippenham Golf Club25
129th Andy Frankum(9) Downes Crediton Golf Club25
130th Nicholas R Burridge(10) Minchinhampton Golf Club25
131st Brian Cook(15) Thornbury Golf Centre24
132nd Melvyn Jeffries(23)24
133rd T Hannon(21) Woodlake Park Golf Club23
134th Steve Keepax(21) Forest Hills Golf Club (Gloucestershire)23
135th Martyn Davies(20)23
136th John P Moore(28) Filton Golf Club23
137th Richard Morton(21) Minchinhampton Golf Club23
138th Michael Wake(11) Long Ashton Golf Club21
139th Robert Gwilliam(14) South Herefordshire Golf Club21
140th Ralph Stabb(19) Filton Golf Club19
141st Mike Grace(24) Newport (Gwent) Golf Club18
142nd Robert John Webber(21) Lansdown Golf Club17
143rd Patrick Dolan(28) The Park Resort14
DQ Stephen Gannaway(20)DQ Played off wrong tee & did not correct
WD Ian Hosegood(19) Henbury Golf ClubWD

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