Chipping Sodbury Golf Club


OPEN: Sodbury Open (Men's Medal)

Saturday 28th July 2018, White Tees, Chipping Sodbury

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ResultsNett [click for Gross]CSS 75 (Visitors 76)
1st Howie Laurie(19) 70
2nd Dayson Pearce(5)  Kendleshire Golf Club (The)71
3rd Jonathan Cushley(10) 73
4th David Jefferies(13) 73
5th Simon Killen(5)  Forest Hills Golf Club (Gloucestershire)74
6th Tom Watson(5) 74
7th Kevin Spring(11) 74
8th Graham Elliott(6) 75
9th Alex Slowley(11) 75
10th Anthony Luxton(31) 75
11th James Hodder(4) 75
12th Trevor Stewart(9) 75
13th Tyrone Matthews(11) 75
14th Peter Blue(14) 76
15th Graham Potter(9) 76
16th Kevin Ogborn(8)  Kendleshire Golf Club (The)76
17th Anthony Pane(11) 77
18th Seth Kumordzie(15) 77
19th Jason Heaven(3)  Burnham & Berrow Golf Club77
20th Anthony Davis(18) 77
21st Andrew Hill(19)  Raglan Parc Golf Club77
22nd Jim Cushley(17) 77
23rd Wesley Roughton(17)  Greenmeadow Golf Club77
24th Simeon Baker(7) 77
25th Andre Britton(14)  The Park Resort77
26th Anthony Booley(19)  Bath Golf Club78
27th Robert Tippins(16) 78
28th Mark Ace(7) 78
29th Stuart Lawson(18) 78
30th Timothy Jenkins(19) 79
31st Barry Reece(21) 79
32nd Philip Morris(10) 79
33rd Alfie Waller(10) 79
34th Ian Waller(12) 79
35th Simon Anning(16) 80
36th Scott Tovey(12)  Greenmeadow Golf Club80
37th David Serle(9) 80
38th Steve Catterall(16) 80
39th Dale Witchard(5) 81
40th Graeme Betts(19) 81
41st Samuel Riddell(0) 81
42nd Mark Oldham(14) 81
43rd Frank Sneddon(13) 81
44th Julian Law(7)  Westonbirt Golf Club81
45th Stuart Mudway(16)  Forest Hills Golf Club (Gloucestershire)82
46th Steven Woodruff(13) 82
47th Richard Hill(14)  The Park Resort82
48th Mark Hawkins(13) 82
49th Nathan P Humphreys(1)  Greenmeadow Golf Club82
50th Alan Gilbert(14)  Bath Golf Club82
51st Peter Cairncross(25) 82
52nd Rodrigo Aspe(14)  Brickhampton Court Golf Club83
53rd Andrew Pick(14)  Kendleshire Golf Club (The)83
54th Craig Jefferies(6)  Stockwood Vale Golf Club83
55th Paul Grange(17)  Bath Golf Club83
56th David Bowden(7)  Greenmeadow Golf Club83
57th Jeorge Pajak(22) 83
58th Darren Morrish(28) 83
59th Christopher Brain(13) 84
60th Kevin Campbell(17) 84
61st Ian Hughes(11) 84
62nd Steve Edwards(10) 84
63rd Mark Woodman(6)  Greenmeadow Golf Club84
64th John Cumming(8) 84
65th Andrew Harris(4) 84
66th Phil Ashpole(23) 85
67th Brian Cook(17) 85
68th Kevin Pearce(9)  Kendleshire Golf Club (The)85
69th Gary Hewlett(20) 85
70th Ian Anthony Woodruff(14) 86
71st Darren Short(16) 86
72nd Leslie Winterson(23) 86
73rd Matt Cushley(16) 86
74th James Kington(11) 87
75th Steven Burke(27)  Kendleshire Golf Club (The)87
76th James Ford(7) 87
77th Gino Covello(17) 87
78th Neil Witchard(7) 87
79th Mark Gigg(20) 87
80th Joe Phillips(21)  Greenmeadow Golf Club88
81st Lloyd Tovey(7)  Greenmeadow Golf Club88
82nd Ian Harper(21)  The Club at Mapledurham88
83rd Mark Hatherell(17) 89
84th Derek Rosser(9) 90
85th Neil Lowrie(13) 90
86th Robert Lewis(15)  Minchinhampton Golf Club90
87th Derek Shortman(20) 90
88th Don Hawkes(21) 91
89th Tim Morgan(11)  Kendleshire Golf Club (The)91
90th Jonathan Pearson(20) 91
91st Mike Cole(23)  Kendleshire Golf Club (The)92
92nd Darren McKenzie(24)  Woodbridge Park Golf Club92
93rd Nigel Thompson(12)  Greenmeadow Golf Club92
94th Daniel Newport(12)  The Club at Mapledurham93
95th Julian Richardson(11)  Greenmeadow Golf Club94
96th Phil Stephens(19) 94
97th Colin Leighton(16)  The Club at Mapledurham95
98th Richard (Reg) Elliott(23)  Manor House Golf Club at Castle Combe96
99th Mark Butcher(11) NR
100th Martin Bacon(15)  Bath Golf ClubNR
101st Adrian Chandler(10)  Kendleshire Golf Club (The)NR
102nd Andy Fairburn(7)  Bath Golf ClubNR
103rd John Binnie(11)  Forest Hills Golf Club (Gloucestershire)NR
104th Tim Dangerfield(4)  Minchinhampton Golf Club - Old CourseNR
105th Stephen Hurn(13)  Stockwood Vale Golf ClubNR
106th Terry Allan(9)  Royal Aberdeen Golf ClubNR
107th Gary Reddan(7)  Forest Hills Golf Club (Gloucestershire)NR
108th Michael Darby(8) NR
109th James Holland(6)  Forest Hills Golf Club (Gloucestershire)NR
110th Richard Evill(13)  Stockwood Vale Golf ClubNR
111th Stephen Hudson(26) NR
112th Paul Riddell(20) NR
113th Daryl Griffee(8) NR
114th William Cawte(16) NR
115th Tim Knight(11)  Minchinhampton Golf Club - Old CourseNR
116th Chris Field(11)  Greenmeadow Golf ClubDQScorecard not signed by player
117th Paul Gardner(10)  The Club at MapledurhamDQScorecard not signed by player
118th John Woodburn(10) DQScorecard not signed by player
119th Christopher Purnell(18) DQScorecard not signed by marker
120th Jeffrey Cox(16) DQScorecard not returned
121st Daniel Hardy(16)  Creigiau Golf ClubDQScorecard not returned
122nd David Keddie(16) DQScorecard not returned
123rd Jeff Hillman(12)  Bryn Meadows Golf Hotel & SpaDQScorecard not returned
124th Andy Wescott(11) DQScorecard not returned
125th Charlie Parry(7)  The Players ClubDQScorecard not returned
126th Luke Hillman(6)  Creigiau Golf ClubDQScorecard not returned
127th Ben Reed(6)  Ross-on-Wye Golf ClubDQScorecard not returned
128th Danny Clayton(-1)  Cumberwell Park Golf ClubDQScorecard not returned
129th Geoff Mcfarland(4) WD

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