Chipping Sodbury Golf Club


OPEN: Randolph Berry Trophy (18 holes)

Sunday 8th July 2018, Yellow & Red Tees, Chipping Sodbury

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Results PointsCSS 73 / 75
1st Bob A Taylor(19)40
2nd Stuart Lawson(20)38
3rd Jackie Howe(23) Brockington Hall Golf Club38
4th Paul Denton(18)38
5th Gillian Winterson(33)37
6th Ian Hughes(12)37
7th Samantha White(9) Banstead Downs Golf Club37
8th Bunty Purbrick(18)37
9th Martyn Robinson(28)36
10th Pauline Fletcher(27)35
11th Wilfred King(19)35
12th Rodrigo Aspe(14) Brickhampton Court Golf Club35
13th Dale Witchard(5)35
14th Ann Sedman(26)34
15th Stuart Weston(15) Ogbourne Downs Golf Club34
16th Steve Sear(13) Ogbourne Downs Golf Club34
17th David Jefferies(13)34
18th Anne Clifford(22)34
19th Tim Braybrooke(22)34
20th Michael Humphries(14)34
21st Steve Edwards(10)33
22nd Derek Plummer(12)33
23rd Billy Tierney(8)33
24th Roger Blessitt(21)33
25th Stephen White(18)33
26th Darryl Jones(4)33
27th Ronald Gibson(17)32
28th Marilyn Slater(22)32
29th Jacqueline Berry(21)32
30th John Keenaghan(5)31
31st Graham Dean(14)31
32nd Louie Scotto Di Perta(6) Stratford Oaks Golf Club31
33rd Clive James(10)31
34th David Serle(8)30
35th Robert Coombes(13) Filton Golf Club30
36th Julie A Finch(16) Stockwood Vale Golf Club30
37th Michael Freeborough(11) Long Ashton Golf Club30
38th Kevin Campbell(17)30
39th Leslie Winterson(23)29
40th Jonathan Thompson(9)29
41st Christopher Brain(13)29
42nd Raymond Carney(18)29
43rd Mark Webber(12) Long Ashton Golf Club29
44th Neil Witchard(7)29
45th Nicholas Love(17)28
46th Lesley Moore(10) Stockwood Vale Golf Club28
47th Matthew Wilkins(18) Long Ashton Golf Club28
48th Philippa Dean(22)28
49th Martin Gwilliam(18)28
50th Peter Ball(23)28
51st Robert Campbell(5)28
52nd Matt Denton(26)27
53rd James Parker(11)27
54th James McCune(13) The Players Club27
55th David Slack(27)27
56th Mark Colling(10) Long Ashton Golf Club26
57th Joanne Leith(22)26
58th Craig Jefferies(6) Stockwood Vale Golf Club26
59th David James(14)26
60th J Kerrigan(6) Hendon Golf Club26
61st Edward Martin(21) Long Ashton Golf Club26
62nd Graham Potter(9)25
63rd Michael Berry(8) The Players Club25
64th Derek Rosser(9)25
65th Geoffrey Slater(23)24
66th Michael Darby(8)24
67th Ian Anthony Woodruff(15)24
68th Tyrone Matthews(11)24
69th Nigel Bridgeman(13) Long Ashton Golf Club24
70th Antony Beevor(10)23
71st John Woodburn(10)23
72nd Perry Long(18) Filton Golf Club21
73rd Sara Campbell(37)20
74th Peter Love(25)18
75th Isabel Wright(22)0
76th Jan Taylor(21)0

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