Chipping Sodbury Golf Club


OPEN: Seniors Open (Individual)

Wednesday 8th June 2022, Green Tees, Chipping Sodbury

(95% handicap allowance)

Overall winner Chris Pike, Puckrup Hall  -  43 points

Division 1                                         Division 2
1 - John Bamford (Henbury) 42pts   1 - Chris Pike (Puckrup) 43pts
2 - Nigel Parkhouse (Basset Down) 2 - John Pitt (Kendleshire)             38pts                                                  37pts
3- John Armstrong (Chippenham)    3 - Mike Cheal (Ross on Wye)
     37pts                                                  37pts

Division 1                                           Division 2
1 - Seth Kumordzie 39pts                  1 - Clive Reynolds  39pts
2 - Mark Oldham  39pts                     2 - Bob Tippins  36pts
3 - Alistair McCouig  38pts                 3 - Eric Millard  36pts

1 - Alan Chadwick (Cotswold Edge)  42pts
2 - David Green (Worlebury)  40pts
3 - tbc

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Results Pointsx
1stChris Pike(23) Puckrup Hall Hotel & Golf Club 43
2ndJohn Bamford(14) Henbury Golf Club 42
3rdAlan Chadwick(20) Cotswold Edge Golf Club 42
4thDavid A W Green(20) Worlebury Golf Club 40
5thSeth Kumordzie(15) 39
6thMark Oldham(11) 39
7thClive Reynolds(17) 39
8thAlistair McCouig(12) 38
9thNigel Parkhouse(10) Basset Down 38
10thJohn Armstrong(11) Chippenham Golf Club 37
11thJohn Pitt(20) The Kendleshire Golf Club 37
12thMike Cheal(19) Ross-on-Wye 37
13thRobert Tippins(19) 36
14thTony Williams(5) Cottrell Park 36
14thEric Millard(23) 36
16thR J Burt(17) West Wilts 36
17thStuart Porter(13) West Wilts 36
18thBrian Inglis(5) Temple 36
19thDerek Whitehurst(14) Staffordshire 36
20thMalcolm Warby(7) Peterstone Lakes 36
21stColin Romain(14) Chippenham Golf Club 36
22ndNeil Lowrie(20) 36
23rdPaul Chandler(10) 36
24thPeter Burton(15) Thornbury Golf Centre Golf Club 36
25thMichael Airs(22) The Players Club Golf Club 36
26thJon Mackley(17) Long Ashton Golf Club 35
27thPaul Anthony Howlett(21) North Wilts Golf Club 35
28thRoger Hogg(7) Thornbury Golf Centre Golf Club 35
29thBrian Cook(16) Thornbury Golf Centre Golf Club 35
30thGarry Pinkney(17) Gloucester Golf Club 35
31stSatnam Bains(23) Broome Manor Golf Club 35
32ndDUNCAN GIBBONS(12) Tall Pines 35
33rdTerry Gradidge(25) 35
33rdTerry Davies(5) Forest Hills Golf Club (Gloucestershire) Golf Club 35
35thTrevor Stewart(10) 35
36thJohn M Davis(16) 35
37thPhilip Morris(12) 35
38thPeter Ponter(27) 35
39thSteven Tucker(15) Filton Golf Club 34
40thKevin Joyce(9) Chippenham Golf Club 34
40thNeil Crees(10) Greetham Valley 34
42ndNigel Perris(13) 34
43rdJohn Thompson(10) Broome Manor Golf Club 34
44thWilliam Russell Steen(19) Chippenham Golf Club 34
45thAlan Smyth(12) Filton Golf Club 34
46thneil thomas(10) Long Ashton Golf Club 34
47thDerek Kilgallon(6) Bristol & Clifton Golf Club 34
48thDavid James Kee(17) Basset Down 34
49thDavid Baldock(14) Tracy Park Golf Club 34
50thChristopher Brain(19) 34
51stWilfred King(22) 34
52ndJohn Cumming(8) 34
53rdMark Reardon(12) Broadway Golf Club 33
54thPaul Sheen(20) Cirencester Golf Club 33
55thJames Ford(6) 33
56thPeter Monk(14) North Wilts Golf Club 33
57thPaul Gosling(12) 33
58thStuart Bridgwater(20) Chippenham Golf Club 33
59thP J Laidlaw(9) West Wilts 33
60thPaul Dimond(8) North Wilts Golf Club 33
61stKen Erskine(9) West Wilts 33
62ndSteven Richards(12) West Wilts 33
63rdDavid Taylor-Pratt(11) Chippenham Golf Club 32
64thBilly Tierney(4) 32
65thBruce Strickland(12) West Wilts 32
66thDesmond Ryan(12) Long Ashton Golf Club 32
67thSteve Edwards(9) 32
68thROD WESSON(23) The Kendleshire Golf Club 32
69thRichard McCarthy(21) Cottrell Park 32
70thIan Hosegood(21) Henbury Golf Club 32
71stGraham Macaulay(10) North Wilts Golf Club 32
72ndJoe Baxter(18) 32
73rdRob Gay(8) Thornbury Golf Centre Golf Club 32
74thR Evans(18) West Wilts 32
75thVictor Novik(19) Chippenham Golf Club 32
76thDerek Blewitt(16) Peterstone Lakes 31
77thNeil Panes(14) Pontypridd 31
78thMike Holder(16) Tiverton 31
79thJohn Gatehouse(11) Knowle Golf Club 31
80thDavid Snart(13) Saltford Golf Club 31
81stPaul Browning(9) West Wilts 31
82ndWilliam Cawte(12) 31
83rdMichael Simmons(21) Cotswold Edge Golf Club 31
84thPaul Lowrie(15) Lansdown Golf Club 31
85thRick Chima(10) Copt Heath 31
86thDavid Pike(13) 31
87thAndrew Pike(11) 31
88thClive Burnell(22) Chippenham Golf Club 31
89thBill Bryce(2) Cottrell Park 31
90thStephen Gannaway(18) 31
91stJ Sexton(28) The Kendleshire Golf Club 31
92ndChris Glenny(5) Cottrell Park 30
93rdGary French(17) Forest Hills Golf Club (Gloucestershire) Golf Club 30
94thDavid Jones (9) The Players Club Golf Club 30
94thRichard Hinder(13) Minchinhampton Golf Club 30
96thRichard Earl(5) The Players Club Golf Club 30
97thPhilip Dicks(11) Ross-on-Wye 30
98thTony Lawson McCarthy(28) Cottrell Park 30
99thMatt Weeks(8) 30
100thMichael Austin(14) The Kendleshire Golf Club 30
101stKenneth Monk(18) Cotswold Hills Golf Club 30
102ndJ G Rowe(13) West Wilts 30
103rdKim Ayres(20) Broome Manor Golf Club 30
104thAlan McCann(27) Cotswold Edge Golf Club 30
105thEamonn Cuthbert(18) Cirencester Golf Club 30
106thHugh Elliott(19) Ross-on-Wye 30
107thPaul Trenchard(20) Stockwood Vale Golf Club 29
108thMichael David Cooke(20) Tracy Park Golf Club 29
109thSTEVE CARTER(21) Tall Pines 29
110thBob Norman(25) 29
111thM S Clarke(11) West Wilts 29
112thJames Calleja(17) 29
113thMike Preece(16) Cottrell Park 29
114thPat Soley(20) Gloucester Golf Club 29
115thChristopher James(16) Peterstone Lakes 29
116thPete Nichols(20) 29
117thTim Harris(3) Isle of Wedmore Golf Club 29
118thA M Bumstead(18) West Wilts 29
119thMichael Davies(22) Gloucester Golf Club 28
120thAlex Stocker(14) 28
121stAnthony Sims(10) Filton Golf Club 28
122ndPeter Chart(10) Broome Manor Golf Club 28
123rdLes Sharpe(5) Chippenham Golf Club 28
124thNeil Humphreys(16) 28
125thNilesh Thakore(14) Broome Manor Golf Club 28
126thStephen Roston(22) Thornbury Golf Centre Golf Club 28
127thErnest Kee(16) Chippenham Golf Club 28
128thColin jones(14) The Worcestershire Golf Club 28
129thAndrew Rhys-Evans(20) Cirencester Golf Club 28
130thPete Davis(10) North Wilts Golf Club 28
131stRobert Paul Bailey(18) West Wilts 27
132ndSteve Brown(23) North Wilts Golf Club 27
133rdHoward Davis(24) Puckrup Hall Hotel & Golf Club 27
134thRobert Price(13) Burnham & Berrow Golf Club 27
135thR D Jones(22) West Wilts 27
136thNick Gardner(17) Filton Golf Club 27
137thGeoff Lowe(11) Henbury Golf Club 27
138thPeter Bridges(18) The Vale Resort Golf Club 26
139thTim Bohin(15) 26
140thWilliam Peach(25) Cirencester Golf Club 25
141stJonathan Cunningham(19) Long Ashton Golf Club 25
142ndRichard Wright(13) Peterstone Lakes 25
143rdJohn Vickerstaff(4) Clevedon Golf Club 25
144thPatrick Leightley(20) Long Ashton Golf Club 25
145thRodger Waite(14) The Bristol Golf Club 25
146thColin J Cunningham(16) Cosby 25
147thChristopher Drew(28) Cottrell Park 24
148thSteve Godden(16) Peterstone Lakes 23
149thDavid Butler(22) Whitley Golf Club 22
150thRoy Oyston(28) Peterstone Lakes 22
151stMark Gardner(15) Cottrell Park 20
152ndStuart Macphie(28) Puckrup Hall Hotel & Golf Club 19
153rdJohn Dearing(28) 18
154thMike Doust(22) 17
DQbarry enever(12) Bristol & Clifton Golf Club DQ No Card Returned

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